Dysfunction impeding performance



A private equity group invested significant capital in a company poised for rapid growth.

The investment did not yield the anticipated results. There was turnover in the leadership group, and the investors sensed some of the business challenges might be a result of people-related issues.

The investors engaged PeopleCap to determine the barriers to the company’s success and help develop a plan to overcome them.


Our Impact

We identified multiple factors related to the company’s leadership team and culture that were hindering its growth and cohesiveness. 

Based on our findings, the board of directors made strategic changes to the leadership team that improved the overall culture and morale of the organization.

These changes produced a higher-functioning company with vastly improved trust, communication, and collaboration that attracted a sizable new investor.


CEO transition




A publicly traded company hired a new CEO.

PeopleCap was engaged to help the CEO and the company make a smooth transition—which included helping him understand what was driving the company’s culture, honing his vision for the future, and structuring his leadership team for success. 



We worked with the CEO and leadership team to develop the values and vision for the company, aligning the entire organization around a common vision.

We identified skills and experience gaps in the leadership team that allowed the CEO to restructure the organization and hire the key executives and expertise needed to grow successfully.

We provided ongoing coaching and support to help the CEO navigate the challenges of managing people through a period of significant change.


Managing through growth



A mature family-owned business hired a new president to diversify and grow the business in response to new market pressures.

As the business strategy evolved, the company experienced performance and morale issues.

PeopleCap was engaged to find out what was causing these issues and what could be done to solve them.


Our Impact

Based on our recommendations, leadership restructured the organization into distinct business units to account for the separate visions, cultures, and business objectives of the old and new business lines. This restructuring resulted in greater alignment, accountability, and performance across the entire organization.

Our cultural assessment identified culture, not employee competence, as the barrier to success for achieving their customer service objectives.  This aha moment drove leadership to adapt their customer service strategy to leverage the company’s highly relational culture. As a result, performance improved.

We helped the new president strengthen employee trust and confidence both in him personally and in the new direction of the business, which rapidly improved morale and employee engagement.