About PeopleCap


Your People Strategy Is as Important as Your Financial Strategy.


What we do

If you’re reading this, chances are that something within your organization is off track. You may not be able to quantify it, but you know that something, somehow, isn’t working. Maybe you’re struggling with growth, a leadership transition, or dysfunction in the ranks—or perhaps you have a strong culture that you want to proactively protect. Whatever the challenge, we help you understand, at the deepest levels, what’s driving your organization’s behavior and performance and how to manage it. We make the intangible tangible.


Our process

We’re about people. Using a multifaceted approach, we immerse ourselves in your company’s culture to discover what your people think, how they work, and why. We identify the barriers to your success and use our cumulative expertise to help you navigate the challenges of connecting your people, vision, strategy, and culture.

How do we help? See our impact. 


What this means to you

You’ll get candid, objective, reliable data to help inform your decisions. You’ll get recommendations about how to execute your strategy in the context of your organization’s unique culture. You’ll get a prioritized plan for moving your organization forward. We’ll also help you work through the plan as a thought partner confronting the everyday realities of implementation. In short, you’ll get the tools and support to make you and your organization stronger and more effective.